About US

OUR VISION is to be to be the organization delivering affordable and quality healthcare services that effectively mitigate the spread and effects of Diseases through participatory programs enhancing the quality of life in Naivasha.

OUR MISSION  is to initiate sustainable community programs through ethical and professional etiquette in health care,gender based violence and creation of awareness on the various social issues that particulary affect the community in Karagita and around the flower farms.

We were ESTABLISHED in April 2003 by Dr Sally Brewerton as a response and intervention to the increasing adverse effects of gender based and sexual violence which led to an increase in HIV AIDS cases in the local community in which it is deeply rooted.

NACOHAG works amongst the populations in and around Naivasha, targeting the many workers in the various farms engaged in the production of flowers.  For the 17 years that NACOHAG has been in operation, a value system has been nurtured which has gained considerable local goodwill and an appreciation expressed by the communities that NACOHAG serves.  Central to the organizations ethos is a participatory approach to care that aims to empower people at all levels of the community.




Phone:  0712683450


P.O Box 1057-20117 Naivasha

Moi south Lake Road Karagita market