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Services Rendered


  • A fully equipped and staffed HIV testing and counselling  centre in Naivasha town
  • Mobile HIV Testing and counselling provision to the community.
  • A comprehensive range of affordable health services and free CCC clinic offered from an accessible clinic in Karagita.
  • Facilitation of Post Test Clubs and peer educators program.
  • Community mobilisation and HIV awareness and prevention initiatives.
  • Community medical outreach programs.


 The health clinic services are offered at considerably discounted rates that can be afforded by the beneficiary communities.

The medical centre provides a pleasant and welcoming environment as well as offering a high quality service with well governed care and treatment facilities.  NACOHAG aims at all times to provide healthcare services for local communities and those in most need.




NACOHAG has considerable and proven experience in offering participatory peer education sessions.

 A typical training session will include the following components: 

  • HIV/AIDS myths and misconceptions
  • HIV transmission
  • Behaviour change communication
  • Nutrition and wellness and positive living
  • Reproductive and sexual health
  •  Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Family Planning
  • TB and its management
  •  Disclosure and managing opportunistic infections
  • The self concept, stress and stress management
  • Gender and social cultural dimensions including gender based violence

SOME OTHER ACTIVITIES... Community mobilisation

Women’s football

 A yearly fixture on the Naivasha calendar is the annual women’s football event held every August. As women have been found to be more vulnerable to testing positive to HIV than men, mobilising women and highlighting the issue of HIV/AIDS is a NACOHAG priority.  Educational messages delivered via the healthy and fun medium of sport has helped NACOHAG’s work in preventing new infections and in encouraging women to come forward for testing.

 Post test clubs (PTC)

PTC members include anyone who has been for VCT testing.  Members support NACOHAG’s work by encouraging people to come for testing. They provide a peer led approach that involves peers communicating directly, for example with farm employees, about HIV prevention and strategies that can lead to behaviour change.

In addition, community mobilisation is achieved through inter-farm drama and poetry competitions that involve messages related to HIV/AIDS.  NACOHAG also works with local communities to commemorate World AIDS /Red Ribbon Day.

 Medical Outreach

NACOHAG conducts Medical Outreaches for hard to reach areas and to the pastoral communities’ as well reproductive health services for workplaces .This is done in collaboration with the District medical officer of health office. Services provided during the outreach sessions are;

  • Family planning
  • Eye clinics
  • Child welfare clinics(immunization)
  • Capacity building for traditional birth attendants
  • HIV Testing and Counselling
  • De-worming for the children
  • Referrals for more specialised treatment and care.